Born in WI, USA, currently living in Duluth, MN, am self-taught.
Much of my inspiration comes from the birds that live near me or are just passing through.


The local connection:
My mother was born in Duluth.
My grandparents lived in Duluth for 46 years.
In preparation for WWII, my grandparents moved their family, including my Mom,
to Virginia, MN, because my grandfather was transferred by US Steel.


I appreciate that you took time to visit my website.
Regarding pricing, please do not ask me to negotiate my prices.
I know many artists do this but I am not one of them. My prices are the same,
whether at an art gallery, a show, or purchased directly through me.
It is common for galleries to take 40-50%, so you have a choice where you want your dollars to go.
Art galleries provide an important function of bringing art into their communities.
Those cities with art galleries have proven to facilititate vibrant and rich,
cultural experiences overall and are stronger for it.
Always purchase directly from the artist when you can.